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1910 Kennett House


This gracious charmer of another era sits on Hessian Hill, the site of an encampment of Hessian soldiers sent to help Generals Cornwallis and Howe in their campaign again General George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Kennett Square was occupied by 15,000 British troops in the fall of 1777, after they had won the battle and pushed Washington and his troops back to Valley Forge.

William Scarlett built this grand house in 1910, for his son Robert. He constructed three granite houses in a row on West State Street for members of his family. This Robert Scarlet House is a significant component in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Kennett Square Historic District, listed August 18, 1989.

The three bay-wide, granite, three-story, single family dwelling is an excellent example of the classic American Four Square architectural style. Other features include a patterned slate, hipped roof, partial jerkinhead cross gable, fracked cornice, three-over-one double-hung sash windows in various widths, and a full width, one story veranda on the south elevation. The house is filled with magnificent chestnut moldings and trim.


In 1990, the home changed from a private residence to a bed and breakfast. I am proud to be the fifth innkeeper of this grand, historic home. The Kennett House is lovingly restored with all the charms of yesteryear and the modern comforts of today.

I look forward to making your visit very special.

Gilja K. Kusano

Kennett House Owner and Innkeeper

Innkeeper Gilja Kusao
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